Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Don't Need a Confessional

What do you do
when all your saints are liars?

Or when your priest
is a hallway for hate to pass through?

How could you ever
let a person create
so much power for himself,
only to allow him
to warp the minds
of the ones who are
supposed to be following god,
but instead are mindlessly following nothing. . .
but a man in a costume.

How is it that among
all of the hypocrisies,
we fail to see that the control
held over our human beliefs,
is the biggest one of all?

When will it be time to kill the cult
and let the truth live loudly?

It's time to let you know that your salvation
doesn't lie in the hands of a few hail Marys.

No, instead,
it sits quietly
in the hearts that accept and trust
what they know to be personally true.

It doesn't push you to give up your free will.

it makes you free.