Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trust IS an Issue

Understanding is important
and it seems the misunderstood
tend to understand the most.

It's heartbreaking
it's a lack of empathy.

The lack of that ability,
to feel, today, is scarce,
and that's a scary
thing to realize.

The knowledge that most are
so invested in themselves
they can't see
what's in front of them,

and suddenly it's safer to be a
stranger in a strange town,

rather than a friend in a familiar place.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Concept of Passing

People still alive
don't understand
what it means
to no longer linger
on Earth.

They've always been alive.

It's no different from
people who have never lost
not understanding
what it means to lose.

They've never experienced grief.

I'm Whatever Color I Choose to be, So Watch Who You Paint Me Out to Be.

You said,
"Make excuses for yourself."

As if I were the mix of colors
YOU made
and expected a beautiful color
but only got gray.

Making me feel like a waste of paint.

These words are a reminder
of the way you treat me.

So I'll constantly paint myself
out of the picture
because I'm a color
much less dreary
than you see me.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Everybody Eventually gets Their Day in the Sun.

I'm dreaming of the sea tonight;
while I think about the you
you use to be,
I watch a page in this book
absorb a drop of water.

I get the feeling that
I'm just a grain of salt,
and there's a lot of sand
on this stormy beach,

but when I do I know that
I'll just be washed away
in the sea of silhouettes
drawn in my mind.

So I'm sinking to the very bottom
of my very own mind
where reality is skipping
over the linoleum tiles
in the hospital hallways,

where walking seems like floating
and somehow the bottom
of the sea, over time
flows it's way to the top.