Friday, January 25, 2013

Am I ever What I appear to be?

I'd like to see myself in a strangers eyes
so I can lapse from the life I live
and lead my life on my own.

So, stranger, could you tell me,
do I seem secure enough to you?

Am I confident,
or do I seem confused to you?

Does my posture alone prove my worth,
or did my body stop speaking for itself?

Is my voice a voice you want to hear?
Would you ever lend me a listening ear?

The biggest question I bare to you
is myself at all meaningful to you?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't Ever Try to Tell Me Who I am, I Already Know, Now Tell Me, Who are You?

I'm done being who
you expect me to be.

I have no shell
and I am not bound
by your perspective of me,
or your lack of reading
me like the open book I am.

You should speak solemnly
of the lies you spread
and try to pass the truth by
now and again.

Whatever happened
to the supposedly successful life
you were about to lead?

Tell me how it turned you
into the sorrowful mill doer
that you've become.

Surely someone with such
a clearly driven path
would never sway with poison's wrath.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Have You Ever Listened to Your Own Work?

Singing the words which speak
to me in such a soothing way.

They speak understanding,
it's a well, you see, the further down
the bucket goes, the emptier it is.

Brilliantly speaking in song
and silently learning along.

Are the words that
peel my heart to the core
so with simple words
I say you're more than brilliant
but rather masterful instead.

Your World is Small, and Friendship Fades Faster than You Know.

Why do I keep looking back
thinking that small town
that I once ruled
actually meant something?

Knowing those people who were so real to me;
these people I once called my friends
are only statues of what they lay claim to be.

Why is it that I feel
it's so important to focus
on a place I no longer belong,
when there's an entire
world out there to welcome
me and my mentality?

So the more I'm tempted to look back,
the more I feel my body turn to stone,
and the more I see that moving on
must be where I belong.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Had a Dream About Elliot, and in it, This is How I Felt

I remember the moment
we laid together in the grass
on a sunny day. Me, mixing my fingers
into your short curly blonde hair.

I guess I missed the comfort
of having a home in you,
but that's something we lost long ago.

I remember staring into your eyes
for hours even though we weren't in love.

It was just a strange way
to pass the time away.

I remember the day
you called her your own
instead of me.

I supported the decision,
was happy and let you live your life
in your own way.

I remember our friendship as over,
your time belonged to her,
and I had moved my life along.

Then the next thing I hear
you're in trouble up to your ears,
and all the time I felt
I should've been a better friend;

that maybe somehow my friendship
could've changed your sad decisions in the end.

Then I remember, it was you who decided
to betray me, and me left forgiving you.

I'll still always remember you as the comfort of a home,
rather than the stranger I saw last.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Asthma Makes a Simple Cold a Nightmare.

Ill as ill can be
but the doctor
I just won't see;
a cough and a sneeze,
a deep breath,
a painful wheeze.

I'll stay at home,
tell myself it'll pass.
It's just a cold,
it won't last.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Dream is a Story, Your Mind Makes it Happen

What is there to dream about tonight,
   when looking up at the stars has become such a fright?

So all the stories it takes to put my mind at ease
bring me to the sweetest dreams.

It's where my imagination makes;
 peace, or war, or love, or all.

The place where I can call my own,
that state of sleep to call my home.

A place to blend or break away,
dependent on where my mind
decides to take me tonight.

It's a function of life
    some rest for the night.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Is there ever a follow through?

Listening isn't effective,
understanding doesn't even cut it.

It's the actions you take
to clean up the messes that you make
which make a difference in this world.

How can you expect
to turn garbage into gold,
without an exchange of altercation?

Maybe it's time to change your posture,
and when it speaks too much
learn to stop letting it speak for you.