Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Even After All This Time, The Mind is Still Such a Powerful Thing.

When I find myself alone
in a silent space
I often hear the sounds
of ideas and thoughts
rumbling around in an
otherwise empty head.

I dream of all the colors
that are too difficult
for the world to see,
or any day.

Pretending that I'm important,
when in reality,
I'm just an imp,
a little underestimated

I want people to understand
that I can only touch
the scope of the world
that I can see,

and when my mind
is worn a bit too thin,
it's often only because

I'm buried under the work
that I create for myself.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Don't Forget to Remember Good People Still Exist

It's all there,
hard to read.

Blurry. . .
Illegible. . .

I could only remember this phrase
from a dream I once had:

Remember to enter a relationship
with a picture of what could be,
instead of a token of ill will,
because when you stare at the coin,
there is no memory attached to it,
but the picture you create
in your mind will last forever.

So even if things end badly,
you'll have at least
one good memory to take with you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Better Bitter Ending

When sadness strikes
I spend a lot of time in my mind,
then I quickly remember
how empty you made me feel.

For some reason when losing you
I failed to feel it.

I'm not proud of this,
but I don't miss you.

In fact, I'm indifferent,
I don't feel the need
to know you anymore,
and why should I?

After everything,
occasionally you still seem to scream
to me through memories,
and while I'll always
cherish the childhood dreams we three had.

I'll never ask for them back,
or try to recreate our friendship.

We're too different for that,
our personalities clash,
we do better without each other.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sometimes Amnesia is a Bigger Blessing Than a Curse.

Amnesia hit me well,
when I least expected it.

It carried on
like a tune of the same
broken record memories
I remembered over and over.

All I can seem to remember
is a face here,
or a word or two there,
possibly even a small picture
in my mind of memories
that for the longest time
I had trouble leaving behind.

Every now and then
a memory would come flooding in,
but still, the majority
of those 90 days were gone.

The worst thing can be not knowing
if what little you can remember was real,
or a hallucination,

but if there was ever a good time
to wake up with amnesia,
this was it.

Sometimes accepting
what you aren't able to remember
is better than trying to dig in to a
past of delusions and euphoric episodes
that are completely out of your control.