Monday, November 18, 2013

Try Not to Let Your Life Be a Rat Race.

I know sometimes life happens,
it happens, and happens
and keeps happening.

You know, one day. . .

We'll see everything
we've worked so hard to build,
crumble at our feet
but it's by our own hand
we'll destroy those things.

They'll fall like the delicate
card house of anger, hate,
deceit, and insecurity
that they've become.

Those things we've built,
those walls. . .

They won't be able to keep us
from the ones we love,
or from being the people
we love to be any longer.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Live with it, Don't Lean on it.

I'm getting better, growing,
being who I am through creation
doing what I was designed to do.

Learning what battles
are worth battling for
and what flashbacks
to let time leave behind.

Because sometimes memories fail
but letting what you do remember
seethe inside is only heartbreaking.

I just live with the lessons learned
from whatever disappointing situation
which seemed to stick in my memory.