Saturday, December 21, 2013

Be Strong and Desperately Brave.

If I run away from my thoughts,
will I avoid my memories? 

Memories of when I was younger,
and my innocence was destroyed
by my irrational fears.

Not all children
are carefree and happy.
Some are burdened by genetics
and a fear of what they may become.

So I remember asking myself,
could I ever be happy again?

The answer wasn't exactly clear,
but I know I fought
for every ounce of good emotion
I feel today,
and sometimes suffering
has a greater reward
than we can currently live.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Don't Sell Yourself Short, Even if You Are.

For all my failures
and iniquities
my success is
so much smaller.

So with some success
I say the smaller they are,
the smaller I am,

the less I reach out
to the world I seem
so desperately to want
to speak out to.

So here I find myself saying,
it doesn't matter
how small I am
as long as the words
are still being said,

and deaf ears
seem to hear again.

If Only More People had a Good Nature. . .

Nature is more
than the feathers
we see flapping
on the wing
of some strange bird

It's not just a lilac
blooming and budding
the perfect scent.

In fact, it's also brutal
and rears it's ugly head
when you least expect it.

However, we often
still decide to see
the beauty over the beast,
regardless how it treats us.

Now, if only we'd do the same
for each other,
and in the moment
where you're not your brightest,
people saw the beauty anyway.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

If You Ask, I'll Answer.

You ask yourself
do I mean anything to you
or did I just happen to be there?

I'll tell you now,
it's an answer you'll never know,

but my intuition tells me it's both.

First you were there
drifting into existence
then you meant something,

then for some reason
you or I faded.

Whatever you do,
don't be discouraged,
because distance happens
more often than not.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Thank You!

So, after years in therapy,
I've learned
that EVERYBODY deserves
the right to be heard.

Someone to see
your point of view
whether or not
it is askew.

In a world where
it seems impossible
to find good mental health care,
I know a few who gave me hope.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Stay Grounded, Down to Earth, Because Someday, Someone Will Need Us Down Here.

This karma train you've created
runs both ways
and you have just as much
karmic debt as I do

but I don't believe in karma.

So if you think your words and actions
don't make us feel less than,

then think again.

Because in the end,
regardless of your
unruly tide toward us
we're the meek
who inherit the Earth.

We're the ones
who stay silent,
holding on to the hope
that someday we'll get
what we've earned.

So that in the end we can triumph
without stomping our feet with glory
and refuse to let the likes of you
get the best of us.