Friday, February 21, 2014

I Love the Silence, and It's Stillness.

I love the way that silence sounds
when the wind is blowing.

See, regardless of how quiet a room may be
silence speaks multitudes.

It gives you time to grow,
reflect, forgive, and forget
some of the pain that
past pleasures may have caused.

Because we all know that
self gratification can
leave us empty in the end,
but sitting in silence sometimes
reminds us of the things
that make us whole again.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's an Odd Kind of Thing.

I hardly know you.

How is it that you can care
for me so much more than
the many I've known all my life?

You're always there to remind me
that even though the semblance of friends
I seem to have is scarce,
I don't need them to survive.

There is beauty in the fact
that there will always be someone
in my life to remind me that I'm not alone.

Someone to help the past relationships stay in the past.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

If I Didn't Drop You, Then I'd Be You.

Here's to hope,
and the hard times it got me through.

Here's to the times I've thought
that if I can just get the strings untangled,
I'll be okay,
and here's to all the strings untangled.

Here's to the realization
that I don't expect you
to be the kind of person I am anymore
after all of the messes we got ourselves into.

You remained the same,
but I grew into happiness
and out of our sarcastic games.

I grew into love,
and the meaning of life became clearer
while you just tried to drag me down
to a place I knew I couldn't stoop to.

That's a place too far down for me to fall,
regardless of how much I care
for the people in the pit.

Friday, February 7, 2014

It's NOT the End of the World

Your world is too dark,
because you can't clearly see
the beautiful bright day in front of you.

You can't live in the dark,
it only affects your insight
and your ability to see the
wonderful world God gave us.

I wish you'd open up your eyes
and be granted freedom
from the dark life you're living in.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'd Definitely Do the Same For You.

When I was all alone you were the only one
I could carry a conversation with.

You brought brilliance to a mental mind,
and saw potential in a helpless human being.

Even if the topic was constantly changing
you somehow understood that
I couldn't stop my mind from racing.

You called every chance you could
and it meant so much

even though I can't remember
I know my absent mind
only wanted to be home in your heart.

You desperately tried to build me up
when my foundation became broken.