Sunday, February 9, 2014

If I Didn't Drop You, Then I'd Be You.

Here's to hope,
and the hard times it got me through.

Here's to the times I've thought
that if I can just get the strings untangled,
I'll be okay,
and here's to all the strings untangled.

Here's to the realization
that I don't expect you
to be the kind of person I am anymore
after all of the messes we got ourselves into.

You remained the same,
but I grew into happiness
and out of our sarcastic games.

I grew into love,
and the meaning of life became clearer
while you just tried to drag me down
to a place I knew I couldn't stoop to.

That's a place too far down for me to fall,
regardless of how much I care
for the people in the pit.