Thursday, December 15, 2016

Questions for My Multiple Personalities

Remember when we put our faith into paper fortunes?

Back when he said she said
defined our self worth,
and focusing on our losses
left us with nothing left to gain.

Remember when we had no personalities,
and passed notes to prattle on
about our petty lives?

Where was the observant one?

Was he too busy writing notes
to himself about how he felt things should be?

Too busy to see how things really are
and missing out on experiencing
how relationships really form.

Why did the reliant one always take over?

So focused on other's assessment of himself,
full of vacant jubilation,
yet so far from full of himself.

He's the one who can't be left alone,
the one incredibly lost,
annihilated by loneliness.

Where did this strong one suddenly come from?

The one who's apprehensive, protective,
but sometimes too inhibited
to live his life pleasantly.

Why is he so hard to handle sometimes?

Always stepping in at the most inopportune time.

Why does he never step up when I need him?