Thursday, December 8, 2016

So I Try Not to Think About It

He looks at me with his tired eyes
as he drifts off to sleep.

He's dying, not really, but you know we all are,
and I know eventually his will hit me
harder than any other.

I think about how yesterday I was almost 16,
and today you're 30.

A decade has passed,
but it's as if yesterday we were meeting
for the first time on the porch of my parents house,
then walking around with my friends and I
as if we owned the town;

when the only thing we really ever owned
were the disposable cameras in our hands
before everything went all digital on us.

Time goes by too fast to force yourself to own
all the animosity you and I
have been able to throw away over the years,
no matter who you may be;
brothers or sisters,
enemies and even us lovers

-keep in mind that despite our love or disdain,
our bodies won't last forever
and one day we're all likely throw a shovel of dirt
over someone else's. 

Hopefully not anytime soon,
but I know one day we'll all have tired eyes.