Tuesday, January 10, 2017

When the Dream Wishes for More Mercy

One person can't just be one person
-we're  several people wrapped in one.

She thought as he walked down the aisle of the courtroom awaiting trial.

Beside him on one side a gallery of  his family and friends,
the other a long list of those who stand against him for his "ungodly" crimes.
A jury of his peers to appease to the plaintiff's needs,
in spite of a defendants accidental deeds.

What if he was your son?

What if he was your future husband?

Possibly the father of your child?

Who's to blame?

The son you raised and considered the perfect child?

The man you swore the rest of your life to?

The kind and loving man who raised your first and only child?

Too often we turn criminals in to monsters
when we need to be asking where we went wrong.

What exactly did we miss and how can we do better next time?

We need to get out of the mentality that screams at us saying,
he must pay!

Start forgiving those who wronged us,
because despite whatever it is he may have done,
here's what he could have been to you;

the best friend you could have asked for,
your oldest son ready to be married to his favorite person,
your father, who's always happy to be yours.

A man more than willing to take the blame when at fault,
but what about when he isn't,
and still so many are willing to persecute?