Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Ability to Be There

With wrists that burn with the sorrow
and grief of the word distress.

When will everyone understand?

The only way to break
the tyranny of bloodshed
is to show compassion
when mistreatment moves you to.

When will we stop idling by?

Stop seeing the damage done,
feeling it in our hearts,
and doing nothing to console that one?

We all know that one,
who could really use a friend right now.

Pay attention,
you'll see,
it's your responsibility.

To say a sorry for the lack of benevolence,
makes up for mistreatment
more than you will ever know.

The truth is,
it’s our fear
that stops us
from speaking up.

I’m guilty too.
I’m not afraid anymore.

I won’t let that stop me,
from using my voice any longer.

It’s potentially the most powerful
thing we possess.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Amber’s Attempt

You had me at a loss,
in shock at your attempt
of escaping the madness
known as your life.

Too focused on my emotion
to even take you seriously.

Swallowing the placebo effect
just to teach you a lesson.

If that wasn’t how you wanted to see me.

My flawed logic said
you’d understand why I wouldn’t
want to see you in such a state.

I never hid it,
I explained it was a lie.
I was still, slightly heart broken.
My mistakes, my anger,
my frustration nearly
made me lose a friend.

I’m sorry,

I’m not sure I ever said it.

On occasion,
I think about
how sorry I really am.

I hope you’ve got the life
you’ve always wanted.
The dreams you never
thought could come true.
We both know the truth is-
I never deserved a friend
as good as you.

So many mistakes I’ve made
at the expense of others,
I’ve learned
one is enough
to take a life.

I’m finally on the verge
of having the ability
to let the guilt go
after all this time has gone
right by me.

So I say a prayer for those
who are the me I use to be,
and whoever it is
you’ve turned into today.

With the hope held that anyone else,
young, impressionable, and stupid.
Will grow the ability to make
better decisions than we ever did.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sometimes I Wonder

Some doctors will say
they aren't entirely sure
what the function
of the appendix
in the body is.

In some individuals,
I'm not entirely sure
what the function
of the brain is.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

I Can’t Wrap My Head Around It

Will I ever understand,
how, in one’s mind,
extreme violence becomes
the only path worth taking?

I wish I could spend time talking
to the minds of those individuals.

Explain how valuable human life really is.

Even though the likelihood
of listening ears is very low.
As long as people are
and have been talking
about such sensitive issues.
There has been, and will always be
hope for a light to spark
above someone’s head.

A blink,
and hopefully the realization
that their current line of thinking
isn’t working anymore.

Aware that I’m a dreamer,
nearly everything I say is
far fetched. Incredibly out of touch
with what might be your reality.

Something inside of me still screams
about these being the only types of dreams
with the potential to save someone’s life someday.

I know it’s absurd,
to feel I have that kind of insight,
I believe we all do.
The kind which holds that
kind of power over another life.

Maybe it’s childish of me
to think that all some people
need is to hear that someone cares. . .

I care.

These words are true,
they have more power than
many other I’ve heard before.

When are we going to start talking
to the great big elephant in the room?

It always seems like that elephant is me,
I’m learning that’s not always the case.

Sometimes the elephant has got
the most elegant way of thinking,
speaking, living, and perceiving.

Too often, we gloss the elephant over,
complain and cry about it.

Ever thought about staying silent, and listening
to the elephant in your life for a change?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

What You Can Do to Change the World

It starts with realizing
if you can change
one person’s mind,
you’ve already
accomplished your goal.

Who wants to sit around;
talking on and on,
over and over
in the same cynical circles,

speaking of everything
wrong with humanity
and the world we live in?

We should be talking about
what we can do to
become better people instead.

Starting with something
that should’ve been written
on the first pages of our lives. . .

Be thoughtful.

Incredibly thoughtful,
or at the very least, think

-if you’ve got a brain worth using.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Untangle It

I rub my thumb across my bottom lip.
Feel my fingerprint drag across.

It's a motion. . .

There you are across the room.
Seeing me struggle to breathe in again.

Wondering what it is
I'm listening to inside my head.

I can't swim against the current
called life, so it sweeps me up.

Tangles me in flotsam,
washes me with
confusion to untangle.

it's a motion. . .

It'll leave you floating face down
no matter how well you swim.

That is, unless, you wash up
on the shore with the willingness
to breathe again.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Don't Give Up on Yourself

Sometimes good deeds
come before good intentions.

A good heart is something earned,
but don't be discouraged.

Keep moving forward,
and I promise you,
your good deeds are not in vain.

After years of disregard
for right and wrong,
you manage to do something good.

Even an attempt at helping humanity
for popularity sake could eventually
change your heart.

Because if you do enough
good for the world,
you'll start seeing
the desperate need for it.

A good heart isn't born overnight,
it breaks an awful lot to get there.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Maybe You'll Lie a Bit

Once upon a time
you were someone
I wanted to be.

I picked,
a poor choice
for a role-model.

I shook the rug
to please your needs,
but what can fill the void
that is your very own
beating heart?

Friendship can be
as important to let go
as it is to keep.

For some sort of mutual benefit
you may not gain from me.

Then I become something
you make someone else
shake out of your rug instead.

The dirt between the fibers,
you found out,
you don't want.

Let me go.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

It's Selflessness

It's not a check on the list
of accomplishments.

Nor does it find any favor
in power gained from wealth alone.

Success is the creation of hard work defined.

Success should be the freedom you've gained
to give everything away in a heartbeat.

For the simple heart of humanity
to have a chance to achieve it themselves.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A Scary Thought

Imagine opening a new puzzle. . .

You tear off the plastic casing.
Break the beautiful paper that seals
the bottom of the box.
Perhaps you struggle a bit
getting the lid off.
With a lift and wiggle,
the bottom drops to the table top.

If you're a puzzle enthusiast,
you're excited to dump a pile
of pieces on the table.

What if?

What if when you started to organize
the pieces to this puzzle...

Find the corners first.
Edge pieces in one pile.
Weird colors in one,
and certain shapes in another.

But you quickly notice.
There are no corners,
no weird colors,
no edges,
no peculiar shapes.

Each and every piece
is exactly the same.