Thursday, May 3, 2018

Too Bad It's Impossible

I miss the days when innocence
was unintentional.

Morality wasn't a question
of wrong or right,
but one of oriented detail
and tedium. A question
of intentions, integrity and honesty.

Now, we're down to
the ones who know better;
The ones in a place of social power
playing your emotions
like a death toll drum.

Using our innocent (children)
to present a personal vendetta
against our world. It's laughably-
one that's out of their control.

So I felt the threat again. Of being
the only one in my powerless position
that feels the way I do.

Leaving me so sick, I wanted to slip
out of my skin like a snake,
and leave the old behind.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sound familiar?

Pull time like silly putty,
slow to make it stretch
as long as possible.

From one hand to another.
Grab a friend to extend
it longer if you can.

When the line runs thin,
before it breaks,
ball it up,
do it again.

Hold it close to your chest,
give it a quick tug,
and break it in half.

Share it with others,
buy more if you will.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Listen Up

"So long!" I say, as you turn
and rear your head to others.

As if, in some way, I'm malicious.

It's a judgment I'm willing to take,
as long as the floor's planted
beneath my feet. As long as the grass grows
below the sun. As long as I'm alive
to feel the same sun switch over to the moon.

I don't bend to fit your will.
I say what I mean, I mean what I say.
You can't twist my words to actions,
that I, by no means, ever agreed to enact.

That's the act of the snake.
He left you repressed,
waiting, sly, and strikes
with a venom you least expect.

Especially if the venom
never fell from my mouth:
Don't assume.
Don't spread the word.

Anytime I offer help,
take what help I offer.
Don't offer anyone the work they
are unwilling and unable to do.

That will leave you with
a junky job done,
by anyone.

An incomplete picture of
what the world should be.
Don't tear your view of the canvas
if you know the paint hasn't even
had the chance to speak.

I suggest you don't
squander what you're given.
Be grateful for what you've got.

Open your mind,
and open your eyes.
In an instant, you'll find
the helping hand you need.

Friday, April 13, 2018

To Leave the Ego Aside

Disparity is relentless,
the short end of the stick.
The wood shovel handle
that has you digging
your own grave.

It doesn't need
to be this way.

You can let go of your spade,
leave it fall to the ground,
pull yourself out of the hole
fore it's too deep to climb out.

Take a breath,
look within your sight.

Think- past ambitions,
have you reached them?
Do you need a break?

Don't let someone convince you
you aren't cut for this.

Do you need time?

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Be careful because
you can't be safe.
You might just get sucked dry
by what the press makes you say.

Stop saying it,
speak your mind.
You're not alive to swallow
someone elses ideas,
and regurgitate them
back into the earth.

Form your own opinion.

Stay yourself, be yourself,
because society may
try to program you
into being somebody else.

Think for yourself,
don't change for
anyone but yourself.
Walk on eggshells,
squash every bit
of shell you can,
because you've got ideas too.

Ideas that deserve to be heard,
and actions that should be carried out.

Don't let them sit on a shelf
in your mind like a trophy in a case,
take them out and use them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Reality Left Me

You reach for attention-
all you hear,
the ringing
in your ears.

Your throat is dry-
face is warm,
skin so cracked

that if you smile you split a lip.
You smile despite the blood
dripping to your chin

Undoubtedly hopeless
you extend your arm,
offering the earth
your dirty hand.

Your face,
pushed in the mud.
Silt caked in the cracks.

You bled something
I can't imagine,
healing among all of that.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Forget Me

I want
to be

I want
to speak
to the world

I can't
have both.

There’s no way
to reach
     or me.

How to Ease the Anxiety

Ask yourself,
can you ever find a way?

Seems like the most hopeless
endeavor ever pursued.

So I go back;
 re-read the importance
I've written in my past,
realize this has been,
one of my worst struggles
for so many years.

I've lost my will to fight it.
I've grown weary and given up.
I've lost the energy to swim upstream.

It's time to come up for air,
to rest, to breathe,
and to try to exist.

I've got nothing left to offer,
you've taken it all away.

Will you ever let me breathe
free from your scrutiny?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Keep Living

My mind- empty
   full of fog,
   crickets chirping,
   loud locusts jumping,
   cicadas screaming.

Hit the breaks,
my heart skips a beat.
My shoulder- restraint.
Three of us
stand cold today.

You, me, Anxiety,
and in this moment her voice
 has me deaf.

My head- lost,
   in the atmosphere, blind,
   moving on through the dense fog,
   I kneel to the ground,
   hold my face in my hands.

I'm taking a break,
     taking a breath.

The second this is over,
I'll keep walking
stay ready to scream,
   keep strong,
stay loud.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Leave Me Alone

Social rehearsal,
it can happen a million times
and still never play out as anticipated.

So many deep breaths, sighs,
and much hope for a great outcome.

Yet, at the end of the night,
you're stuck with the same
screeching chalkboard
creeks in your thoughts.

Then you hold yourself accountable
over anything, and everything;  
your hair, choice of dress, your voice,
that stupid blemish on your cheek,
the body you were born in.

The list grows bigger and bigger,
and swells to things you can not change.

You can NOT change!

Is this really what it boils down to?
Do you really believe that?

Maybe some things don’t need to change,
but I can tell you one thing for sure,
this anxious way of thinking DOES!

Because it's much too busy
tearing my mind to bits
while I've got more
important things to do.

Such as- living my life without
being pushed into a corner
by anxiety’s warm embrace.