Sunday, July 8, 2018

Succeeding and Self Reliant

A year from today,
I’d like to be a better person.

Something I can't stop trying to be.

Clear the path,
pave the road for me to have;


The ability to shut myself out-
to be profoundly alone
in this mind of mine.

To shut out the voice of
what others are thinking.

Confidence, correct?

The ability to rely on myself.

Your Peace of Mind

Miss connection? Disconnect-
it's a matter of the mind.

Distract yourself from reality.
Run for your life.
Fight the frustration.

Sigh and
pick your battles.

You can't win this one.

Sigh again,
pick your battles.

Keep your distance.

Don't acknowledge the real issue,
fly with frustration
like the rest of the flock.

Ever seen a flock drop dead
for what seems like no reason?

Don't follow,

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The End

Sick of seeing
the political high horse,
as if it even exists.

Please realize, the
alt left and alt right
concept is abstract.

Conjure another way to
cause division among us.
Another excuse to argue.

Grant the ideas on both
that are worth exploring.
Even if you're ripe to say
one side is giving handouts.
Or the other is promoting prejudice.

Get a load of this new concept-
bad things AREN'T LABELED
left or right.

Nixon was a crook,
Clinton was an adulterer.
Johnson was an alleged racist,
Bush 2.0 put food on his family.

I could go on for hours
finding the fault in our current,
and former president/s.

The perfect president doesn't exist.
He's a man with the important,
but lousy job of seven roles
trying to please everyone.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Cycle

Give up.
Don't give up.
Refuse to.
Move on with life.

To Throw it Away

I had my chance, I decided
to be a strong wind.

Blew you away.

Kissed you goodbye like
a fist to the face,
never looked back.

I thought about how. . .

I don't know
if I broke your confidence
or helped you lose
your self-esteem.

 I just know that our time was up.
   just know that our time was up.

We're not getting it back.
You are
            not getting it back.

 I'm not looking over my shoulder
ever again. Are you?

My back is turned-
I've got it all. .  .

The confidence-
the self-esteem.

I stole for myself ,
I don't think
you'll miss it.

 I don't think-
do you understand?

 Broken sentences,

they cost you,
your own limbs to fix.

But us?
It doesn't cost us a thing.

Monday, May 28, 2018

There's an Angle to Everything

3MWE. . .

If someone seems to have
a different perspective of the truth-

doesn't mean it isn't true.

Unless the intention was to lie to you.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Try Something New

Ever wondered what shattered my faith to pieces?

I've wondered what cracked yours across the floor.

Who said you're entitled to happiness?

Ever heard it was something you earned?

I won't sugar coat society for you.

I won't make it seem miserable.
Or give it a hand worse
than reality has dealt.

I’ll grant you the list of lies
you’ve told yourself were true.

That’s what you wanted,
To believe,
that even you are born to lose?

So stand high on your horse,
feet on the ground,
I'll watch you fall

over and over again.

Find yourself unhappy?

Friday, May 25, 2018

It All Goes South From Here

is there such a thing?

I am complete chaos –
 from inside my mind –
to inside my house –
 to trying to keep
 myself hinged
 in public places.

I remember once-
 hearing someone say,
“I hope I don’t die in my house,
it’s a mess.”

 I feel your pain.

 I’d have the coroner believing
I was a complete slob…

 Luckily –
I don’t plan on
 dying anytime soon.

Not that you can really
PLAN that sort of thing.

Sure you can prepare –
by your plot,
plan your will-
 just know that your family
will probably screw up
your plans in the
inevitable event of
your ending…

In other words –
don’t expect your remains
to be shot into space
if no one you know can afford it.


Cling to Your Chains

The technology to save the world started with one word- written, spoken and expressed. . . Language… A barrier most of us obtain, and are able to break with better communication. We cry trying to be reborn, to be free, but fail trying to understand.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Out of the Cage

I open the cage door
and out fly a million doves.

I peak in to find
 a pigeon in the corner.
How could I have known he would
be beneath their tread?
I step over to him –
he gives shivering stare.
A broken winged
pigeon cries
as I cradle him
under my arm.

Settled between
 my elbow and waist,
he nestles himself.
The fear starts to leave
his eyes. Trust.

It’s like setting
 the animals free
 at the zoo,
but all the animals
are cripples.

They couldn’t leave
 if they tried.

I’ll be your wings today. . .

But pigeon-
 I’m sorry
 I can’t take you today,
 the height your wings
took you yesterday.

Maybe our flight
 can be a different type.

I don’t care as long
as you get.