Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sometimes Amnesia is a Bigger Blessing Than a Curse.

Amnesia hit me well,
when I least expected it.

It carried on
like a tune of the same
broken record memories
I remembered over and over.

All I can seem to remember
is a face here,
or a word or two there,
possibly even a small picture
in my mind of memories
that for the longest time
I had trouble leaving behind.

Every now and then
a memory would come flooding in,
but still, the majority
of those 90 days were gone.

The worst thing can be not knowing
if what little you can remember was real,
or a hallucination,

but if there was ever a good time
to wake up with amnesia,
this was it.

Sometimes accepting
what you aren't able to remember
is better than trying to dig in to a
past of delusions and euphoric episodes
that are completely out of your control.