Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I Had a Dream About Elliot, and in it, This is How I Felt

I remember the moment
we laid together in the grass
on a sunny day. Me, mixing my fingers
into your short curly blonde hair.

I guess I missed the comfort
of having a home in you,
but that's something we lost long ago.

I remember staring into your eyes
for hours even though we weren't in love.

It was just a strange way
to pass the time away.

I remember the day
you called her your own
instead of me.

I supported the decision,
was happy and let you live your life
in your own way.

I remember our friendship as over,
your time belonged to her,
and I had moved my life along.

Then the next thing I hear
you're in trouble up to your ears,
and all the time I felt
I should've been a better friend;

that maybe somehow my friendship
could've changed your sad decisions in the end.

Then I remember, it was you who decided
to betray me, and me left forgiving you.

I'll still always remember you as the comfort of a home,
rather than the stranger I saw last.