Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is My Never Ending To Do List.

Acknowledge the people and things I had to let go
in order to be who I am today.

Realize that sometimes we make it a war, but it's not a war.
Even though it seems as if the ones we once loved are fighting for the opposite side.

Remember not to kill them off like they're some sort of enemy,
we're just two very different people living in the opposite plains of existence.

Keep in mind that it's nothing to cry over, it's nothing to cry over.
We all grow apart once in a while, it doesn't mean we can't grow back together again.

Apologize and forgive yourself and others,
you'd be surprised the difference a sorry seems to make.

Choose your colors, don't ever mindlessly blend into a crowd of coercion.
Give a crystal clear impression of who you are.

Plan on being the person you were intended to be, and not always the one you are now.
Don't write yourself off just because you're not as big as everyone else seems to be.

Be brave, know that anyone can have confidence, but not everyone can be brave.

Accept the damage that has been done,
and be willing to rebuild whatever it was that fell apart today.

Go to sleep, wake up once again and repeat,
but don't forget to go where life leads you when you wake.