Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There's No Excuse For Child Abuse.

there's no greater sacrifice
with no greater reward than a child,

and it kills me that I'm a supposed selfish,
barren twenty something,
and I can see this.

Yet there are parents out there
of those my age who could care less about their kids
and unfortunately I've witnessed it first hand.

But to the friends with children,
who've been victims of the abuse,
who chose to learn from the mistakes of their upbringing
instead of carrying on a cycle of abuse an insecurity. . .

I'm proud of you. . .

because what would've been hard for some
became natural to you
and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing you
and your child grow to spite those who tried to stop you.

As for those who continue to carry on the cycle,
since I know it's possible,
you should stand down and learn to kill the cycle,
or move on without your children in your life.