Monday, January 20, 2014

America's a Melting Pot, or Atleast it Use to Be.

Why is it we're more willing
to exit someone out of America,
before we're willing to welcome them?

Why is it we're more willing to tell them,
if they want to speak their native tongue,
they should go back to their native land;

Instead of learning their language,
or their culture, or their reason
for wanting to resonate in the land
of the free in the first place?

Why is it so often that the only ones
we're willing to learn about is ourselves?

Why is it we'd rather tell them
to go back to where they came from
instead of welcoming them with open arms
like we did with people from all over the world in 1892.

See, sometimes I wish we'd realize real history
SHOULD be in the making, but sometimes,
I swear, I don't see us making it.