Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sorry, but I Beg to Differ

Honesty in small doses
bleeds brutally in the end,
when lies in small doses don't exist
all lies are large.

When ignorance is bliss
we walk through with hope
as false as faulty doctrine;

from believing good deeds alone
will lead you into heaven up high,
to knowing good deeds alone
won't lead you there.

Our differences are something;
you can see in someone's eyes
and hear in their heart,

something from within
which is reflected
by the character our creator
has given us.

Always remember,
even in accordance with your beliefs,
everything we do to each other
is also done to him.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Kind that Kill when the Going gets Tough.

Why do I cling
to your memory
so securely?

Just let them go;

The overly honest-
the silent ghost-
the liar that never lets up-
the quiet violent one.

They're all only traits
in myself which I saw in you.

You all left me,
on isolation island
where I was faced to question,

what kind of companions are you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Learning Experience

When there's something
stuck inside of you
that just keeps creeping out,

all you're able to do
is reason with yourself and say,

"We can work this out."

Let's move on;

let's live another day,
let's look forward.

Let's break free
from the ball and chain
that ties us to our twisted past
leaving us tangled
in the line of time
trying to escape.

We can cut and paste
ourselves a new perspective
on our past and call it.


When you have one,
you have one for life. . .

an extra branch on the family tree.

Most importantly
one to swing on

which can also swing on you.

Monday, June 13, 2016

What if I spoke my mind all the time?

When your thoughts decide to commentate,
your mind becomes a very hard place to concentrate
especially on any single conversation.

Mine has spoken of snide comments,
I have kept all to myself.

"Some thoughts should
stay silent," I said.
I stick to that word like glue,

despite my mind
speaking so loudly sometimes.
It's hard to even comprehend
the simplest of conversations.

In so few words I'm saying:
I am not a nice person in my mind
I interrupt a lot,
I'm incredibly conceited,
I'm possibly the worst person I know.

My heart is full of good intentions,
my way to say I'm sorry for me
is to always be kind
in my words and actions
despite the trails
my thoughts may take me on.

The anxiety I feel for my mind
speaking audibly out of turn is great,
because what I think isn't always what I feel
and the guilt that comes as a result of doing so
is a weight that makes me wonder.