Friday, October 14, 2016

Nostalgia Bites

Sinking into the past
seems to be all I ever do,
sometimes there's nothing
left to think about
but the comfort of a few
good times gone by.

Quickly they become crowded
by the feeling of nothing left
to look forward to,

then flood in the memories amiss.

I don't miss anymore;
I don't look at our photos,
I don't read the memoirs,
I don't search for you
like you do me.

I remember different from you;
where you remember happy,
I remember angst and uneasiness,
where you remember love,
I remember babble and hearsay,
where you remember friendship,
I remember a spiteful and evil eye.

My future and today are all I have,
they're the only friends I need
that haven't been here since square one.