Monday, August 29, 2016


There are certain poets
I can't help but hate,
really, self righteous
indignant losers.

Yelling as if their anger and
emotional uprising is more than
just an adult temper tantrum
and somehow means more,
or is super special in comparison
than anything you've ever been through.

Boasting about like
they're all that matters,
and only ever write about themselves,
their problems
and how they've been mistreated again.

Sure, my opinion may be unpopular,
and I'd usually stay in silence, always,
so be ready to be offended, because
sometimes it just needs to be said. . .

I get so sick of hearing
angry women complain in slam poetry
about how they're pissed off
because some loser wasn't man enough
to hold the door for them,

only to turn around in the same poem
to say they don't get treated equally.

Let me explain something darling,
if you don't want an open door,
stop expecting one,
it sounds to me as if
he's treating you exactly how you wanted.