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Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Doesn't Even Scratch the Surface

It's relentless and unforgiving,
it steals your conscious mind
and leaves your life at risk.

There the demons left me;
in a living nightmare,
hearing voices,
talking to the air,
walking round and round
up and down
the darkest halls of my life
and not going anywhere at all.

I suppose I was searching for the will to live.

The chance to finally win the fight
to prove I could defeat the unreal influence
that had come over me and somehow shake
the frightening feelings of ending it all.

'll always fight them, that's just who I am.

I'll never let the destruction win
but if it ever takes me over again;

I pray to God to have the strength
to recall who I am,

and if my memory
doesn't seem to serve me,
know I went down giving all I had.

Know that I only left this life behind
because the choice wasn't mine to make,
the decision was made
by the relentless and unforgiving  
actions of an unfair mind.