Wednesday, December 9, 2015

And Being Strong Enough to do It

Today we woke to discover
our once loved regrets have become
an empty shoe-box in our heads.

Books full of memories can fill a warehouse
but when we become too blind to read them,

we sink deeper and deeper
into the blackest hole of hurt.

Where aching hearts feel looking forward
is the last thing you should ever do,
and you realize there are many things
you will never be able to see again.

That's when holding on to the one thought
which made you smile most
is the only thing worth reflecting on,

and when you can't remember that smile,
search for the kindness those around
would lend you in your saddest hour.

Be lost,
for a moment,
in an array of recollections in your spirit,
because at times,
the only way to find your way back to today,
is a peak back at the past.