Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's all Wavy Lines

No one sees the world the way I do.

Even the lens in my eye is angled oddly,
but that's beside the point because
I'm talking about perspective in it's entirety,
a whole wide view of the world.

Not the separation
between my beliefs and yours,
the big picture.

How I perceive you as an individual,
how I associate your name
with an emotion, color, or your attitude.

I'm talking about how my emotions
move like pictures in my mind,
how I see them as actual colors
and odd shapes of all kinds.

How anger is nearly always red with fury
and often combines with other colors
to show complete indifference.

It's not cut and dry,
as I'm never feeling just one emotion,
and no two are ever alike.

While most people sway to the left or the right
with the color of their individualism,
I swirl and spiral like a crazy combination
of deep reds and violet blues.

I've drawn it several times,
still no one seems to understand.

Although I've never met another like me,
I know I can't be alone in the middle
of all the motion pictures in my mind.