Saturday, August 8, 2015

This Flight is the End and Start of My Life.

I've gone from staring at that one star out of my hospital window
fearing it would fall down on me and burn me to death,
to desperately, jumping, daring to catch that one star
which I once feared would nearly kill me.

Not only have I moved on from
that one small unreachable star,
I've created one for you and I,
and for every gold star out there
I put myself aside
for a better life.

I decided I'd rather be on this flight
staring out the window at the sun,
instead of fearing the potential ones
floating somewhere out in the atmosphere,

because I have more to offer this world
than a sad seat in a hospital room
next to the window.

Somewhere along the skyline of this world
I must've forgotten who I was,
but before I was ever able to see the world,
I'm not sure I ever even knew.

I know everyone struggles with self;
self esteem,
self worth,
and the ability to shut off self-consciousness
so the world can see you,

but I wish I could begin to explain
how much worse it is in your head.

I'm telling you to take a deep breath,
and stop the self-abuse,

because sometimes we make life
so much more difficult
than it ever needs to be.

So if you could just start forgiving yourself,
it'd make moving on
to making your dreams come true
so much easier for you.