Monday, April 27, 2015

Somehow We Work

There you were just a few years
before the worst point in my life,
when I was living in a state
of what I thought was the worst.

Neither of us expected what came next,
but you were still around when it was over.

I could never number the countless
so called friends I lost
over such a state of confusion.

I'll leave them numberless,
because they don't even
deserve that satisfaction.

They are less in my mind,


how hard is it to simply
be there for someone?

It's as simple as being at the other end
of the conversation,
the only thing you need to do
is sit and listen.

But YOU. . .

You must be the best friend in the world
because you've been around listening
to my nonsense for over a decade
and you've never once
thought less of me for it.

You led me to learning who's best left behind,
and taught me that I'm not obligated
to anyone who treats me horribly.