Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Only Power Fear Has, is the Kind You Supply

If you grew up hearing voices,
you'd probably not know
the difference
between a quiet mind
and a cluttered mess of a brain,

but thankfully,
now my mind lets me sleep at night . . .

Sometimes. . .

To be clear,
I didn't grow up hearing voices,
they kind of crept up on me
in the worst sort of way,

but hey,
at least I'm not in that place
where my bed smelled like gasoline
and my head would dream uncontrollably
as my heart screamed so loudly
for someone to come get me out of there.

No one gave me a list,
no one showed me the steps
to growing a clear mind.

To gain even the slightest
peace of mind,
all I ever really needed
was some acceptance,
but not from any of you.

Whoever you may be.

I needed it from myself.
and ultimately I believe
I needed to live through the clutter,
not just to get to the quiet
but also to overcome
the entirety of the fear
I felt for so long.