Monday, September 8, 2014

The Inevitable Thoughts of the Ego

 Here I am,
doing absolutely nothing with my life,
or so you seem to think,

so here I sit thinking about
if it's even worth my time
to try anything other
than what I was intended to do,
but it always leads to a dead end.

There's nothing better than running
into a wall full speed with no brakes,
but that's what life is like for me.

It seems so often
that I find myself going
dangerously into a direction
that leads to my destruction,

but sadly,
it's all a delusion
and I know that I'm the only one
who views myself this way.

The you I speak of is me,
I fight myself everyday
and it doesn't matter
whether I win or lose
because I always win
and I always lose.

The hardest part is remembering that
whether or not I'm like all the rest of you,
I've still got my own job to do.