Friday, April 12, 2013

Until I Realize, I Don't Need Another Friend Standing in the Shadows.

I was all an act.

You hand me the magic pill,
I pop it down, and it's gone.
I remember pulling tricks
with my wit.
You thought it went down the hatch,
but it never left my hand

You supplied, I took,
but never swallowed.

I was a lie,
my real motive
was to steal as much
as I possibly could,
so you wouldn't kill yourself.

If it took an act,
or a lie, who cares?

I had my own agenda,
and still, it backfired on me.

I was never suicidal,
that was all an act,
still, the self harm was real.

Despite the evidence,
I was just depressed,
desperate to save you.

at the cost of my lies,
we both took the bullet
in the end.

It only went through
me to get to you.