Sunday, November 18, 2012

You Could Have Been a Song that Sings, Instead You're Just a Drone that Dreams.

Jealousy is hypocrisy
with a touch of flint,
it sets a fire so easily.

now non-existent
it never changed a mind,

and somehow the stratosphere
still ripped your brain to shreds.

With pieces so far out there
that your thoughts
are not your own.

As if someone programmed you
to be a mere drone
instead of the song
that sings to us all.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Stop and Think Before You Say It

It's hard to believe how things change
as fast as they do,
and how there aren't enough bricks
in the world to build a life with.

Or how rhetoric plays
like a cynical circle,
looping always reminding me of when
history repeated itself again.

Time seems to be rhetorical,
with hands constantly
going round and round.

So we call it precious,
then have the nerve to tell others
they're wasting our own.

Even though it's their time too.

It has us wondering when ours runs out,
it keeps us constantly questioning,
does it ever end?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hospital Blues Pt. 3 - Final.

Three years six months have passed,
still, somehow I'm sane.
Thank God I'll probably
never have to see that place again.
Thank God for therapy
resting in my brain.

Remembering to take
those pills every day,
sleeping for at least
6 hours a day.

Control is the gateway
to mental freedom now.

Hospital Blues Pt. 2

She told me where I was
looked me in the eye and asked,
do you know where you are?"

I could only look back
dazed and confused
as she reminds me blatantly,
"You're in a hospital."

For a short period
I pretended it was unreal.
Then later when
reality kicked in I realized.

They drew blood constantly,
still never settled on a cure
but the treatment
is still stable and secure.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hospital Blues Pt. 1

They scanned the bar code
on my plastic bracelet
as if I was some sort of item
on a conveyer belt.

Then passed me through a line
of patients and shoved pills
down our throats.

Some cause shaking,
some side affects-unaware.

The doctor never spoke of them
the nurses never tell.

Left this hospital uncured
and landed in another
where the doctor actually
looked me in the eye,
instead of staring
at a sheet of paper.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How I Define Letting Go.

Anxiety is fueling
fear paralyzing us.
It stuffs the soul
with fluff and feathers.

Anger is benevolent
and useless without power.

Lives are like shards of glass
once the mirror's broken
the picture's never the same.