Thursday, September 17, 2015

Do it Yourself

Optimism doesn't die,
it's here despite
the ultimate acceptance
of the worst possible scenario,

and makes the best of any disaster.

An impression through any rearing eyes
can destroy every bit of it
with the cynicism they can reap.

Always inspire your children
and believe they can change the world,
because believe me, they can.

The second you tell them they can't
you end any chance they once had
to be something,
you liquefy their character
making them feel meaningless.

Just remember no one has any reason
not to have faith in you,
because you do follow through every time.

Remember that you're meaningful,
substantial, significant, influential
and most of all, worthy
despite the fact that no one has ever
believed in you.

Keep these words in mind
when your confidence has sunken
and there's no one around
to boost it up for you,

because it's a sad world
and no one is going to
pick you up when you fall.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Shoe Analogy

I'm not broken at all,
I'm broken in
like a great pair of shoes.

It took a lot of tread
to get me here,
and I definitely blistered
along the way.

As long as I'm not over-used,
I'll never need a new pair again.