Monday, April 28, 2014

The Responsible Generation

When someone passes on,

I believe their essence remains
through the impressions
they left on those around them,

and that they still exist in the plains
of our thoughts, and dreams,
but most of all, in our memories.

So a person who has passed on,
leaves a little impression
in everyone's life they touched.

It's a lasting impression that easily
carries on for every generation to come,

and each of us will someday leave a similar print
on someones life for someone else to carry on.

So, in their passing, they pass small pieces
of themselves onto everyone else in their lives,

and it's up to us to keep them in our thoughts,
to keep their dreams alive,
and to pass the lasting memories along
to the future generations.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

There's No Excuse For Child Abuse.

there's no greater sacrifice
with no greater reward than a child,

and it kills me that I'm a supposed selfish,
barren twenty something,
and I can see this.

Yet there are parents out there
of those my age who could care less about their kids
and unfortunately I've witnessed it first hand.

But to the friends with children,
who've been victims of the abuse,
who chose to learn from the mistakes of their upbringing
instead of carrying on a cycle of abuse an insecurity. . .

I'm proud of you. . .

because what would've been hard for some
became natural to you
and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing you
and your child grow to spite those who tried to stop you.

As for those who continue to carry on the cycle,
since I know it's possible,
you should stand down and learn to kill the cycle,
or move on without your children in your life.

You'll See the Monster in Me Far Before Ever Having Faith in Me.

I'd rather have my words
go out to one stranger
who needs to hear them,
instead of the several I know who don't.

So with those words written,
the fight for your approval
becomes less intense
because I know these words
weren't meant for you.

So for every time you
treated me like a monster because you
didn't agree with my decisions,
maybe you should've taken a step back,
so you could see how well
my decisions improved me as a person.

I find it sad when it takes a complete
stranger to the situation to see life in me
when it's standing right in front of you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This is Why I Get a Panic Attack When I Forget to Take My Pills.

Even today the struggle is real
when sometimes I don't see the difference
between me and reality.

I shove a half dozen pills down my throat everyday
and while there are those who would say I'm a walking pharmacy.
I would rather call it responsibility,
a way to keep myself out of a hospital, and in my home.

What they don't see is that each pill has a purpose
and without them my mind would slowly slip away into a sea of psychosis
and as much as I loved watching Wendy walking down the hospital halls
speaking aloud to no one but herself. . .

It's a place I'd rather not be, but if I have to be there, I will.

Sometimes I can't see how it affects me today,
then there are times when I get a glimpse of who I use to be.
It makes me want to turn the lights on and remember that
a little bit of lithium goes a long way towards recovery.

So when I see those around me who don't suffer from this disease,
it becomes very clear to me that even though I'm a broken individual
I don't need to be in the dark about it.

How could I even be a little bit ashamed of who I am when it's out of my hands?