Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Don't Intervene Your Own Design.

We're all destined
to get what
we want out of life.

Some of us
never decide
what that may be

therefore are never
able to achieve
our dreams.

we never become
what we think we want,
because deeply,

we know
that what we're wanting
isn't really what we need-

isn't what we were
created to accomplish.

Somewhere in a Shade of Some Color, is the Someone I Use to Be.

Who am I to say
who I am
when I look at myself
through everyone else's eyes?

As if my own sight
wasn't strong enough. . .

I'm clearly someone
so weak that
I have no eyes
of my own.

So transparent
that instead of seeing me,
you often see
straight through me.

Everyone Gets a Second Chance.

I often imagine myself
as hideous and unworthy
of unconditional love.

Still, somehow,
contrary to my belief
I am beautiful
behind this atrocity.

Little do I know
what the future
holds for me.

Little do I know of love;
how it solemnly surpasses hate,
how it never stops giving,

how it erases all emotion
from a spiteful past
and lets you start new again.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

She Is, Was, Has Been, and Will Always Be, an Old Broken Version of Me.

Always quiet in class and
hardly ever outspoken,
wondering if somehow she
would last through the humiliation
shackled to her feet.

No one ever knows exactly
what goes on in her mind.

Still, so quiet after all the years
she walked through life
unable to believe that she
measured up to more than ridicule,
but if she knew how to measure
even an ounce of pain
she wouldn't be who she is today.

She needed to learn
that there was more to life
than feeling like every day is dull,
as if you're destined to die
the same dull way
in emotional agony.

Let me tell you something;
she learned her lesson,
that happiness and mental health
come hand in hand,
and it never helps when
you put your foot in your mouth.

The Sooner I Stop Saving You, the Sooner You Save Yourself.

I'm trying to get through to you
to tell you that you've become
a train wreck,
destroying everything in sight.

I'm trying to believe in you,
to see in you, that
you're not as big as you think you are,
your fight with happiness is more important.

I'm trying to see the good in a friend
who used to be.
Trying to stop you from
selling your substance to the atmosphere,

but I've decided that I'm done
breaking my back
just for your benefit.
You're on your own.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Often Point the Finger, but Can't Take My Own Advice.

but on the brink
of bad decisions,

with no one to
blame but yourself
because in the end
the results of bad decisions
always lie in the
decision makers hand.

So a simple note
to all preceding;

when your successors
make mistakes,
don't blame yourself.

After all,
it wasn't you who made
the sad decision,
it was your successor.

What if Life is a Night Road With No Streetlights?

You can't exactly see
 where it leads you.

All you know is
you grew up
in what seemed
like a perfect world,

and as you get older
you view the world
as either bleak or bright.

It's your choice.

You find that the world
that was once so big
turned into
such a small place,

and when you think,
you're done growing
you realize that
you never stopped.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Live the Legacy, Don't Die in it.

Death is not a dance,
but you dangle around
like knowing a dead man
suddenly gives you fame.

As if suddenly some one
you never spoke to living
means more to you
now dead, than alive.

Why do we always
pass people by
while they're living,
and only pay attention
when they're passing?

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's All Around You, and You Can't Avoid it.

A concept,
an image,
a thought
or an idea
that the mind creates
in an array of ways.

By paint,
by pen and paper or
through photography,
theatre, dance, industry,
advertising or otherwise.

It's getting
that concept,
that image,
that thought
or that idea
out of your head
and into the world.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Only Mistake was Knowing You.

Self inflicted, as predicted
I made the mistake and
stuck around anyway.

SELF inflicted-
the decision to stay
even after all the things
they put me though.

Yet after all the things
I didn't have that much to say,

but if I made the plan
to speak today
I would simply say:

The only star that was stolen,
was the one you stole from yourself.

I'm sorry
that I don't want you
in my life anymore
but I believe there's nothing
I could've possibly taken from you
that you didn't already
take for yourself.